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The PRO·​LOGUE Research Project

A prō-ˌlȯg is an opening to a story — a necessary beginning that offers context, the lay of the land, and a point of view.

PRO·​LOGUEs are succinct, evidence-based research products that improve the capabilities of those who are using technology to build smart, healthy, safe, and beautiful communities.


Our research is studied by global leaders, policymakers, educators, and entrepreneurs who want to design and build inclusive technology products and services. You receive a deeply-considered, relevant perspective which includes an overview of the topic, relevant background and historical analysis, market issues and problems, and recommendations.

We study and clarify today's most urgent (and confusing) technology-based issues in our publications and blog. In select cases we will even develop proprietary materials for a range of highly-complex concerns, such as found in advanced technological applications for public safety, information, or critical infrastructure domains.

Expect to be challenged to think beyond your comfort zone.

-- Managing Director at a global strategy company, and a 12-year client

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