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All materials and services provided by Interswarm, LLC are produced under the direction of ​Dr. Carol L. Stimmel with a highly-qualified network of domain experts.

About Carol L. Stimmel (she/her)

Carol L (CL) Stimmel, PhD is an accomplished innovation strategist, educator, and leadership executive. With experience in technology start-ups, American research labs including NOAA and NASA, and top tier global and boutique consultancies, she has established herself as a respected contributor in the field of sustainable energy.


Stimmel has a diverse educational background, holding a master's degree in International Development and an interdisciplinary doctorate in the domain of Science, Technology and Society studies (STS) from Clark University.


Apart from working and traveling with students at The Global School at WPI, her professional career involves over 20 years of software engineering, product design, executive leadership, authorship of professional books, scholarly journals, syndicated reports, and a broad range of speaking and instructional engagements in private and public settings. 

As Principal of Interswarm, LLC and previously Manifest Mind, she guides all research and design consultations, and contributes to direct training.

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Stimmel's digital footprints in the press & syndicated channels

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